From InDesign direct to Web

Your magazines, catalogs or flyers appear
after a few clicks as HTML-pages on the Internet.

Give your creativity free range!
Your websites will look exactly as shown in InDesign. Guaranteed!

What can "InDesign to Web" do?

  • Create stunning HTML pages

    It converts pages from InDesign into individual web pages.
    The special part: The websites appear just like in InDesign.
    On every device and in every browser.

  • Easy integration into your own website

    Users of weaving kits and content management systems are provided support in installing the new html pages.
    For example: Wix, Squarespace and WordPress.

  • Create complete web projects

    Automatically executable projects are generated for download.
    They will help with the realization of your own websites.
    Included are also more modern technologies such as "Accelerated Mobile Pages" (AMP) or "Progressive Web Application" (PWA).

What can/will "InDesign to Web" not do?

  • Create responsive HTML pages

    InDesign to Web is a tool that helps create websites for Elastic-Design or better yet a mixture from Elastic-Design and Adaptive-Design. Like FlexEdd

    The German magazine "T3N" writes in an article about Adaptive or Responsive Web Design:

    "Elastic and fluid design also exist, but they are not part of the 0815 web design. That’s unfortunate, although they pose a greater degree of complexity to implement, developers can design a completely different - and perhaps better - UX.. "

  • Assume Interaction and Animation from InDesign

    For both there is the very good plugin "in5" by Ajar Productions.